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i-LIDS distributor

Home Office Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST) supports the Home Office’s work to protect the public using advances in science and technology. The Video Based Security System (VBSS) group within CAST is responsible for the Image Library for Intelligent Detection Systems (i-LIDS) project.



The i-LIDS distribution process can be simplified into the following. The i-LIDS scenario is available for VA manufactures and academia to acquire, users will make applications to the i-LIDS team to request for the datasets. Once the application is processed and the necessary checks are completed, the team will forward the application form to the distributor. The distributor will communicate with applicant for payment, duplicate the dataset from the master and ship to the address. i-LIDS are looking for a distributor, who can collect the necessary fees from the applicant, duplicate the required datasets and deliver to the applicant.


You have until August 13 to submit a proposal. The short listed distributors will be interviewed in late August and the contract awarded in early September. 


i-LIDS constitutes a video library of real world CCTV footage based on six ‘scenarios’ consisting of Abandoned Baggage, Doorway Surveillance, Parked Vehicle, Sterile Zone, and Multiple Camera Tracking. Video from each scenario is split into equivalent training and test datasets, containing a variety of both suspicious and legitimate activity.


These datasets are available to Video Analytics (VA) manufacturers and academics to assist them in developing systems suitable for Government use. A final dataset is retained by CAST for evaluation, not for distribution. More information on i-LIDS and the scenarios can be found on


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