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HDcctv Alliance standard

The HDcctv Alliance has announced a new global standard of HD analogue — HDCVI 2.0.

HDCVI 2.0 is based on Dahua’s HDCVI technology. The standard aims to provide certification among manufacturers. Certification will ensure that all HDCVI products with certification label are compatible with each other, and lets users use different brands of security equipment.

As the HDCVI technology inventor and patent owner, Dahua has taken the proprietary technology to a global open standard. Dahua provides open access for any third parties, including competitors, to use HDCVI. The Chinese company adds that partnering with the HDcctv Alliance allows manufacturers to better collaborate on HDCVI 2.0 – making a path for wider and quicker market acceptance.

Henry Zhang, Vice President at Dahua Technology, said: “Since our HDCVI technology was released in 2012, the technology has attracted great attention not only in China but around the globe. HDCVI is now a global standard instead of being merely one of HD analogue solutions in the industry.”

At a press conference held during the Security China Exhibition in Beijing, Alliance member, Shany Electronics showcased their latest wide dynamic range (WDR) camera with PoC function based on HDCVI.

Danny Tang, Deputy General Manager at Shany Electronics, said: “Shany has been providing products and solutions in the security industry for more than 20 years. With our experience in analogue cameras, we have cutting edge functionality and R&D ability to provide different HDCVI cameras for our customers. For example, true WDR, Auto Defog, LSC, 2D/32D DNR and PoC function and HDCVI has now been proven both in terms of image quality and product stability. It provides us with a great foundation to differentiate our products in an increasingly crowded market. Outside of HD also offer other unique features.”

Todd Rockoff, Chairman of HDcctv Alliance, said: “Speaking of certification, the Alliance will play a more important role to test products and issue the compliant mark to HDCVI product suppliers.”

Rockoff pointed out that the Alliance administers the compliant marks, including HDCVI 1.0, HDCVI 2.0 as well as HDCVI 3.0, the next step which is expected within the next 12 months. He said: “Only Alliance member products that pass the applicable certifications can display the marks on their products or boxes. With these compliance marks, people can easily recognize product compatibility and make sure their product selection works seamlessly from end-to-end.”

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