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HD imaging

Bosch Security Systems offers its new mega pixel cameras, DINION starlight HD 720p and FLEXIDOME starlight HD 720p RD, designed for low-light conditions. They rcan show colour images where others can show only black and white and showing black and white where others show no image at all, the makers say.

With their high sensitivity in colour (0.017 lux) and monochrome modes (0.0057 lux), the HD cameras work with minimal ambient light, delivering images even where poor lighting is the principal challenge. The 60 fps frame rate helps capture fast-moving objects in applications such as traffic and casinos.

The starlight cameras come with Content Based Imaging Technology (CBIT). This Bosch innovation intelligently combines information from the sensor, image pipe, encoder and intelligent video analysis (IVA) to optimise the image for every scene. Bosch CBIT-enabled cameras feature two special modes: Intelligent Auto Exposure (iAE), which ensures the optimal image of important objects and iDNR provides the most usable image possible by optimising the detail-to-bandwidth ratio.

By using this intelligent noise reduction technology (iDNR), the image clarity is improved, and the storage requirements are reduced significantly. The 720p starlight HD camera requires up to 30 per cent less bandwidth than other 720p and SD cameras, according to Bosch.

The FLEXIDOME RD is designed for outdoor applications. The rugged cast-aluminum dome housing can withstand the equivalent of 55 kg (120 lbs) of force and the extended operating temperature range of the camera makes it suitable for extreme temperatures and vandal-prone areas. A choice of installation options includes flush, wall, and pipe mounting. The range of factory-installed Super Resolution HD lenses covers a focal length range from 1.8mm ultra wide angle to a 40mm telephoto.

By applying the Bosch Dynamic Transcoding Technology, HD quality images can be viewed from any location that has access to the internet, even if the available bandwidth is 128 kBit/s. The video streams can be viewed from your iPad or browser, the free Bosch Viewing Client, or the Bosch Video Management System.

Because they can deliver images in all lighting, the 720p HD cameras can replace SD cameras and as such, can be considered the new standard for professional video surveillance systems. “The introduction of these high-performance HD cameras at a similar price level as SD cameras underlines our commitment to constantly improve our range of security cameras, and accelerates the transition from analog to IP,” says Constant Rutten, Product Manager at Bosch Security Systems.

Bosch IP standard- and high-definition cameras, encoders and analytics work with a range of security software and recording solutions from Bosch and other industry providers. Visit for details on the Bosch Integration Partner Program.


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