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Ecological packaging design

Dahua Technology is hailing its mission of “enabling a safer society and smarter living.” With the core information technologies such as software, big data, artificial intelligence, and AIoT, the company says its products contribute to urban road accident reduction, environment protection, and green energy utility efficiency.

In 2021, the number of the company’s products that obtained China Energy-saving Product Certification reached 126; a 39pc increase compared to 2020. The number of materials that received RoHS Certification reached 95,520.

The company developed a ‘refund and return’ management platform. The online management of material return, material reception, treatment scheme evaluation and treatment scheme execution gives visibility and traceability of the whole process. The firm used the data to reduce returned products from the source, prevent environmental pollution, reduce waste generation, and reduce operating costs.

In packaging material management, the company mainly uses paper, plastic, wood and metal packaging materials and other packaging auxiliary materials, in accordance with the principle of lightweight, recyclable and sustainable. Meanwhile, the packaging is also in accordance with the EU 94/62/EC packaging and waste packaging directive for hazardous substances control, ensuring the total content of lead, mercury, cadmium, and hexavalent chromium in packaging materials does not exceed 0.01 per cent (100ppm). Carton products comply with the relevant requirements of GBT 39084-2020 Green Product Evaluation Express Packaging Products.

As for ecological packaging design, the firm says that it adheres to the principles of normalised, lightweight, green and recyclable. It promotes energy saving and consumption reduction in the upstream and downstream of the packaging industry chain, has standardised and intelligent packaging design, reduces the use of packaging materials, decreases the proportion of plastic applications, and improves the use of storage and transportation space.

The firm adds that it developed an EHS paper pallet to substitute for plastic, which improves the recycling and degradation of packaging, achieving more than 50pc weight reduction and reducing production energy consumption. A film composite packaging technology developed by Dahua Innovation uses all recyclable and green environmental protection materials, which can reduce the use of packaging materials by 40pc, increase production capacity by 30pc, and increase storage and transportation space use by 50pc.



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