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DVR series

Hikvision continues its HD-SDI series of digital recorders (DVRs). Previous in the series were the DS-7200HFHI-ST 720p recorders and DS-7200HFHI-SE 1080p recorders. in June, Hikvision introduced the DS-8100HFHI-ST with HD-SDI technology to allow uncompressed and non-packetised Full HD 1080P video over analogue cabling with no lag time, the Chinese makers report.

Ths DS-8100HFHI-ST series supports up to 16-channel video inputs (and four and eight-channel models are also available) with real-time recording at a resolution of 1920x1080p, at 30fps (frames per second) across all channels. This lets customers monitor larger arenas (such as banking, gambling, and traffic) where networked systems may not be currently suitable. Simultaneous HDMI and VGA outputs are supported with a high definition display of 1080P.

The DS-8100HFHI-ST allows up to eight SATA HDDs, with up-to 4TB capacity for each disk. Furthermore, this model features an eSATA interface to connect with an external hard disk for recording or backup; as well as dual gigabit network interfaces with additional functionalities such as load balance and network fault tolerance. This series offers the manufacturers add flexible alarm handling, camera control and remote management.

Apart from this new DS-8100HFHI-ST series, and the recently released HD-SDI DVR series, Hikvision also will introduce a mid-end HD-SDI DVR series – the DS-7300HFHI-ST – to complete its HD-SDI DVR line. This model shares most features with the DS-8100HFHI-ST; however, it can only support up-to four SATA HDDs and one gigabit network interface.


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