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Design award for Panomera

Dallmeier electronic’s Panomera W camera has won this year’s iF DESIGN AWARD. The Panomera W Series and the Mountera mount convinced the 78 members of an international jury.

The German manufacturers point to the guiding principle of “form following function”. They say that the design reflects not only the arrangement of the sensors and the materials used, but also a unity of style. The housing of the camera is up to 95 per cent recyclable. With the latest generation of the Panomera, Dallmeier says that it’s the first manufacturer in the B2B video security technology sector to implement a uniform design language; whether on the casino floor or in safe city applications, at the airport terminal, in industry or logistics.

As for the Mountera, the developers say that even the packing is designed to aid handling at the installation site. The product can be taken out of its packaging more quickly with the aid of a single-use handle, while a foams sleeve protects the delicate plastic bubble from damage when it is set down and carried. Installers can carry out the install, and all adjustments, using just one Allen key size. Mountera offers a modular principle with a range of brackets for flexible mounting options. The Mountera “Quick Lock” also enables mounting by a single operative and alternating use of the same camera system at different locations, the makers add.

As for cost-efficiency, at the planning phase, the minimum resolution of the Panomera W can be defined. With Panomera, one operator can cover an area with fewer cameras and screens than with conventional systems, the firm says. Even when multiple operators use high-resolution zooms, the total overview image is retained – live and in the recording.

For a product video, visit Youtube.


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