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Dallmeier at ICE London 2019

Dallmeier offered its “Smart Casino Solutions” at the casino exhibition ICE London 2019. Dallmeier reports that its video technology with artificial intelligence (AI) to improve profitability of the three essentials – gaming, surveillance, and marketing – led to an extremely positive response from ICE visitors.

Dallmeier describes its Casino Automation Technology (CAT) as the first gaming automation system that is live in a productive environment. It is available for baccarat and blackjack and uses AI technologies and standard Full HD IP cameras to recognise chips and cards, provide real-time information about bet position and bet value, game pace and float value etc. CAT, the developers say, allows for a highly increased game pace, more effective protection from fraud and an accurate player rating.

Konrad Hechtbauer, managing director of Dallmeier International, says: “We were especially happy to hear from our visitors that they appreciate our approach to build on established, existing technology – ie. CCTV – and combine it with artificial intelligence applications. With CAT, we open up a treasure of data, that finally allow them to make much more informed decisions to maximise their profitability regarding table games.”

Many casinos still install huge numbers of PTZ and fisheye cameras, creating a more and more complex environment with questionable image quality and security effect, the CCTV firm says. With the new 360-degree version of Dallmeier’s patented Panomera camera, casino operators can cover much larger areas with the same number of operators while at the same time improving overall security due to a 360-degree, high resolution view of the overall scene, the manufacturer says. In case of an incident, multiple operators can zoom in at the same time resolving complex scenarios – but without losing the overall picture both in live and recording as it is the case with PTZ cameras.

Konrad Hechtbauer says: “Despite all the great options that AI-based gaming automation technologies like our CAT system offer, casinos still have to fulfill their requirements for classical security and safety. With our new 360 degree solution, customers achieve their security goals better at a lower cost. And at the same time lay the foundation to use the very same cameras as “optical data sensors” for all sorts of business intelligence applications. Quite a few of our booth visitors told us that with Dallmeier’s new 360-degree-version of the Panomera camera technology, they finally see the chance to save their casinos money in a field that is commonly known as a ‘cost driver’.”

By intelligently combining video technology-based functions (eg. people counting, crowd analysis, face recognition and many more) with AI based gaming automation technologies and other analysis techniques, casinos can significantly improve their overall profitability, the company says.

Konrad Hechtbauer addns: “Gathering, analysing and understanding those data help casinos better plan their business and make more informed decisions based on the behaviour and preferences of their visitors and players.”


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