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Channel programme

Secure Cloudlink, a patented cloud services brokerage (CSB) is actively recruiting channel partners in the UK. The Secure Cloudlink solution supports three or more factor, SSO (single sign on) and biometric user authentication. It does not store, send or replicate any user credentials outside of an organisations’ internal directory service. It acts as a secure, centralised user authentication and application that manages user access rights to all authorised applications without the need to create and manage internal domains.

The channel will be a major driver for growth, the company says. Secure Cloudlink claims that it reduces the risk of a cyber breach as well as the costs associated with password reminders due to the company’s authentication method.

Gideon Wilkins, VP Sales and Marketing at Secure Cloudlink said: “We have identified the need for a fundamentally new approach to authentication, one that bypasses the vulnerabilities that exist due to passwords. There is a strong demand for a solution like this as passwords are outdated and present some serious security concerns. With Secure Cloudlink there is no storing, replicating or transmitting of passwords. We transition customers from simply removing resets, through single sign on, to truly no passwords whatsoever. Our approach is to eliminate the password and to streamline users’ access to applications and IT resources.

“We have some ambitious growth targets and we are looking for channel partners that can help us drive this. Secure Cloudlink is a highly desirable solution for companies that want to provide a simple, secure yet password free user access to cloud and on-premises applications and services. The solution can seamlessly be built into any company’s wider IT security strategy, so we are confident this will have every success in the channel,” Wilkins concludes.

The channel programme is targeted at these reseller categories:

Authorised Resellers who meet the minimum sales and technical training requirements and have access to sales tools and collateral
Authorised Partners who have deployed the Secure Cloudlink solution in their internal environments to generate a deep understanding of how to sell and support them
Premier Partners make a significant commitment to actively sell the solution and jointly plan for revenue growth. These resellers will have an intimate relationship with Secure Cloudlink and receive the most competitive revenue share discounts as well as access to sales tools
Saas Partners offer the Secure Cloudlink as a Service using a subscription model. The SCL-APN offering opens new sources of revenue for SaaS and dramatically increases security in hosted environments
System Integrator/Consulting will receive beneficial fees for partner registration as well as other incentives. They can also see either monthly or annual site licenses.

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