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Body cameras

Senior Tory politicians had a demonstration of body cameras while on patrol with police officers wearing the devices. Through a partnership agreement, the Mayor of London’s Office for Policing And Crime (MOPAC) has funded 20 small cameras in Sutton in south London that have been used to help tackle late night anti-social behaviour and record responses to domestic violence incidents.

Body-worn video are high definition cameras that capture image and sound, and are worn on an officer’s vest. They’re capturing evidence of crime and anti-social behaviour and help the process of dealing with complaints.

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: “Our hard-working officers deserve the best kit to ensure that they are equipped to face the challenges of 21st century policing. Body worn cameras are an exciting innovation that will help cops fight crime more effectively. I am delighted that Sutton police are helping London lead the way with this pilot and I am sure that before too long, body cameras will become a vital tool for the police right across London.” Also on the pre-Christmas visit to Sutton police was the Home Office Minister Damian Green.

Sutton Borough Commander Guy Ferguson said: “We were delighted to receive a visit from the Mayor of London in support of our continuing borough-wide initiative against violent crime in the street and in homes. The use of body worn cameras is one of the innovative ways we are working to prevent and reduce violent crime even further in Sutton, which is already a low crime borough and one of the safest boroughs in London.”

Policing Minister Damian Green said: “Technology has transformed the way we live our lives and it is good to see the police embracing the opportunities it presents. Body worn video is a powerful tool. Officers will be able to record incidents as they happen, which will provide compelling evidence against criminals and help the police to investigate crime more efficiently. And it can also play a crucial part in improving police transparency when dealing with complaints from the public.”

In 2012/13, MOPAC funded the Sutton Business Crime Reduction Partnership as part of community safety funding that now forms part of MOPAC’s £18m London Crime Prevention Fund, which provides grants to local projects that tackle crime priorities across all the capital’s boroughs. Body-worn video is part of initiatives to address crime and anti-social behaviour in Sutton town centre, which include CCTV cameras and partnerships with licensed premises and shops.



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