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Voice biometrics deployed

Voice biometrics products are being deployed around the globe as a means to replace PINs, passwords and security questions for customer authentication, says the US product firm Nuance Communications, Inc. According to the firm, voice biometrics is a means of securely authenticating bank and telecoms customers – and improving their customer experience – with a spoken passphrase.

The company points to survey data that many customers are dissatisfied with current authentication methods, viewed as cumbersome and inconvenient.

Robert Weideman, executive vice president and general manager for the Enterprise Division of Nuance, said: “Organisations around the globe are demonstrating first-hand that voice biometrics is a desirable alternative to PINs and passwords. The ‘password problem’ is universal, and voice biometrics offers a proven alternative for organisations to enhance security and at the same time improve their customer experience.”

Users of Nuance voice biometrics include Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Banco Santander Mexico, and Vodacom

Ahead of the Opus Research event on voice biometrics in London on November 18 and 19, a study from the research company suggests that the voice biometrics authentication market is poised to grow from $200m in 2013, to $750m globally in 2017.

During the conference in London, attendees heard from Nuance about case studies, including Barclays Wealth & Investment Management.



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