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Time and attendance distribution

The security and safety product company Ingersoll Rand has a new partnership with Feedback Data for the trade distribution of IR’s time and attendance biometric hand reader, HandPunch, pictured.

Feedback Data is a UK based manufacturer and distributor of time and attendance terminals and workforce software for hospitals, food manufacturing, and high-end retail. The firms say that the specification of the HandPunch supports Feedback Data’s time and attendance portfolio.

The HandPunch uses geometry biometrics to eliminate the firms say the possibility of “buddy punching”, that is, the practice of employees clocking in other colleagues who are not at work. Rather than identify users by means of palm prints or fingerprints, the HandPunch registers the size and shape of an employee’s hand and stores it in the system as a unique string of numbers.

Paul Taylor, UK Sales Leader EAC of Ingersoll Rand, said: “We are very pleased to be working with such an established time and attendance manufacturer as Feedback Data. As companies look to better manage labour costs and improve operational efficiencies, automating time and attendance management is a key area for direct cost savings. Through our partnership with Feedback Data, we will be able to share our biometric solutions with a wider audience and pro-actively develop the time and attendance marketplace.”

Mark Bird, Managing Director of Feedback Data, said: “We pride ourselves on being able to provide the latest in time and attendance technology. By working closely with Ingersoll Rand, we will be offering a system which provides benefits over other biometric systems through the use of hand geometry and, if deployed properly, can deliver a payback of less than nine months.”

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About Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies

Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies products include, electronic and biometric access control systems; time and attendance and personnel scheduling systems; mechanical locks and portable security; door controls, exit devices and architectural hardware; performance steel doorsets and automated openings; and other technologies and services for global security markets. Ingersoll Rand was recently awarded ‘Best Buildings and Facilities Protection Innovation’ for its range of Automatic Bomb Blast Doors at the Counter Terror Expo Excellence Awards 2013.

Ingersoll Rand’s range of bomb blast doors has been applied at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5 and Kings Cross train station in London.


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