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Terminal for access

The Hungarian biometric security company, BioSec Group Ltd has unveiled a new product line for indoor use, debuting with a terminal for biometric access control based on palm vein recognition. Called BS Triple 1, the new device will be available for BioSec’s BS GateKeeper product, which offers physical access control. The BS Triple 1 terminal is described as a modular device. Hence, customers can choose among three options to install BS Triple 1, from touchless to full hand rest versions.

BioSec Group CEO, Péter Györgydeák said that the new terminal is a response to the clients’ requests from the last ten years. He said: “We saw that customers need a flexible reader terminal, which provides the highest security but is also nice to look at. In general, biometric readers either look good with technical compromises or appear industrial with all functionality. Nevertheless, the positive user experience is defined by how easy it is to use a terminal not by the security level.”

BioSec developed a ‘three in one’ biometric device, which the makers say adapts to even the most diversified needs without technical compromises. By using BS Triple 1, clients can change their access control device at any time from contactless to full hand rest version, by adding or removing parts of the terminal, without the need for involving an expert.

The new device will be available from BioSec from August. Despite the different appearance and field of use, the new terminal shares some common features with the company’s BS 100 outdoor device, including less than one second authentication time even in 1:n identification. Whether it is used contactless, with finger rest or full hand rest, BS Triple 1 provides security with the wave of the hand, the firm adds. Visit:


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