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Tablet launch

Morpho (Safran), biometric recognition product company, announced the introduction of MorphoTablet. It’s a touchscreen device that according to the makers guarantees secure mobile data operations using biometrics (fingerprint and facial recognition) and cryptographic functions.

Integrating Morpho’s world biometric technology, the tablet comprises a fingerprint reader and a high-resolution camera to capture and check biometric data. Its tamper-proof hardware and integrated encryption functions provide security to protect sensitive data and associated transactions.

It’s described as a data acquisition terminal with a seven-inch touch screen. Light and compact, it is the firm claims suited to all types of operations in the field.
Using its biometric functions, with integrated card readers (contact and contactless, including NFC), the product can verify people’s identities in a variety of situations and environments: on-the-spot ID checks, elections, benefit payments, school tests, medical exams, access to secure areas, etc. Users of this Android-based terminal can stay connected anywhere since the tablet supports WiFi, Bluetooth and cellular networks. Police forces could also save it is claimed time by using the product to instantaneously collect and transmit, in total security, information gathered during their investigations.

According to the French firm banks, insurance companies and other service providers can acquire the data needed to open an account (personal information, fingerprints, photos, signatures, administrative documents), not only in their offices or branches, but also at customers’ doorsteps. The tablet also comes with a software development kit, allowing companies to create tailored applications for their customers.

The product is being introduced at the Mobile World Congress, the trade show in the mobile phone industry. Yves Portalier, Vice President, Programs and Marketing at Morpho’s Telecom Business Unit, says: “With MorphoTablet, mobile network operators have a powerful device for the swift and secure registration of customer data in the field. MorphoTablet ensures that operators can meet evolving data registration regulations, while also offering customers an open-ended range of innovative services, thanks to our software development kit.”


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