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Swiss data centre

Swisscom’s newest data centre is one of 24 across Switzerland. Completed at the end of 2014, it is the largest of the telecom firm’s and one of the few in Europe certified for maximum availability and top ratings for energy efficiency.

Swisscom chose TBS’ 3D-Touchless Terminals integrating with an access control System from Securiton. All systems, including IP video surveillance, are monitored from the building’s control room.

The main entry to the building consists of RFID badge scanners followed by full metal detection units as used at customs control. TBS 3D-Terminals are the final step to access the most secure areas within the building.

TBS 3D-Touchless Fingerscan provides a Swiss made technology as used in installations worldwide, the makers say. The 3D-Touchless reader is claimed to be the only touchless biometric using three cameras for the finger scanning. This ensures according to the product firm No Failure-To-Enroll, avoids sensor damage and is most hygienic.

TBS’ BioAdmin Management Software was integrated into Securiton’s access control system ‘SecuriGate’ enabling integration as a biometric subsystem via web services. With this approach, responsibilities between biometrics and the overall security system remain separated, the firms say.

At Swisscom’s project leader Rudolph Anken said: “TBS have given us a quick access, easy to use, highly secure system with the certainty of no failure issues.”


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