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Lumidigm distributor

Lumidigm, part of the US firm HID Global, is expanding the distribution channel in Europe of its multi-spectral imaging biometric sensors. MTRIX has become an authorised distributor of Lumidigm products. MTRIX is based in northern Germany and will concentrate on continental Europe, with a focus on healthcare and finance.

Greg Sarrail, Lumidigm vice president of solutions business development, says: “This is good news for our growing customer base in Europe as now we can provide hands-on local support for our biometric solutions. MTRIX provides the right combination of industry expertise with a focus on solving issues related to identity and network authentication. Their direct interaction with the integration channel and endeavors to exceed end-user requirements fit perfectly with Lumidigm’s high-quality value proposition.”

Multispectral imaging is developed by Lumidigm to overcome the fingerprint capture problems found with what the company calls conventional systems. Its technology is based on the use of multiple spectrums of light and advanced optical techniques to extract unique fingerprint characteristics from the surface and subsurface of the skin. Subsurface means the fingerprint ridges seen on the surface of the finger have their foundation beneath the surface of the skin, in the capillary beds and other sub-dermal structures. Visit


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