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Fingerprint readers

Suitable the makers say for small offices, nurseries, schools and private residential dwellings, the B100 readers use biometric technology to manage access control. This means that entry into and out of an area relies on a person’s unique characteristics, in this instance their fingerprint, rather than the requirement to carry a fob or remember a PIN number.

Steve Natton, Special Projects Manager at Videx, said: “Biometric access control is a growing market and a viable alternative to proximity and coded access. When it comes to access control, a fingerprint is the most secure means of authentication because PIN numbers can be discovered and fobs or tokens can be lost, copied or shared among people. Videx have been offering finger print readers for several years but they have only been available for larger access control systems using separate control units. The B100 self-contained readers are primarily for smaller installations and would be an ideal place to start for any installers who have not yet ventured into the biometric access control market.”

The new reader comes in two versions. The B100-SA is a surface mount version for up to 97 users. It can be used internally or externally having an IP rating IP65. The DINB100-SA is flush mount and can only be used internally having an IP40 rating. This fits a standard flush single gang UK electrical box and is available in six colours to match decor.

All enrolling of users is carried out from the reader; no PC is required. Once enrolled, users swipe their finger to gain access. Access granted or denied is then signalled though an integral sounder and the tri state fascia illumination. The integral relay is then activated for the programmed time. Optionally, the relay can be remote using a serial bus to a touch-to exit-device on the secure side of the building. The touch-to-exit is both a means of exiting the building and a remote relay for the finger print reader. The exit readers are also available in two formats. The RTT-EXIT is the surface version and the DINRTT-EXIT is the flush version for a single gang UK electrical box.

Steve added: “A good example of where the B100 reader can be used is in a small office block where staff can gain access to secure parts of the building or schools and nurseries where the teachers and staff can gain access simply and conveniently while restricting access to visitors and children. Finger print readers eliminate the problem of users sharing access codes and key fobs.” Visit:


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