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Fingerprint reader

Biometric fingerprint readers are the future of securing your home, writes Leigh Donoghue of .

These little security gadgets are fitted onto front, back or general office doors and they allow you to gain access via fingerprint readings. If you had to describe them with one word, it would be snazzy (or not). Biometric fingerprint readers come in a wide variety of models and designs so it is best to make sure you pick the correct one for your needs, in this article I will be speaking about a popular and reliable model, the EKey TOCA home fingerprint reader.

These models allow you to store up to 99 fingerprints, they call it a template but it is essentially just a file that is created during the installation, based on the persons fingerprint reading. You are then able to gain access to the area for a set period of time. The reason for choosing this type of locking system for your office or business is almost endless, one of which being though that you will never have to worry about losing or forgetting keys or fobs. Biometric readers provide a higher level of security than keypad access control devices due having to worry about who’s behind you when entering your code or forgetting it completely which can be a hassle to say the least.

How they work:

The fingerprint reader would preferably be installed onto the external door, such as outside the front door or onto the main office door in your building. They have a sleek design and are IP43 rated so they can withstand some of the elements although LocksOnline would recommend that you install it in an area that has some level of protection from the weather. The fingerprint reader sends and receives signals from the Control Panel when pressing your fingerprint onto the reader signals are sent and verified by the control panel and then access is either allowed or denied for a period of time set by you. The control panel also keeps power running to the biometric fingerprint reader to boot, so no mile long trail of cables need to be installed just to be able to secure your office or home. The control panel also has a built in dry contact that can be used to in conjunction with alarm systems, digital cylinders, electric strikes and electric magnets. This will allow you to implement your fingerprint reader with almost any current locking solution.

Biometric fingerprint readers don’t just look or sound like something seen in Total Recall, they provide a high level of convenience as well as security that is unparalleled up to this point (2014). If you are looking to invest in your home or office security this year, we would highly recommend a system like this.

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