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Finger installation

Minerva Security Services of Essex have made a biometrics installation at UBM Plc’s UK head offices in London, while the events firm was organising the International Fire & Security Exhibition (IFSEC).



UBM required four ievo fingerprint readers, two Ultimate and two Micro. The Ultimates are used to secure the building’s entrance and exit turnstiles and is fixed on to a turnstile which will be used by visitors. Micro will be responsible for securing the ninth floor office area inside the UBM premises, and will be installed on the main area door to grant access and egress to employees & visitors in that particular department. 

Minerva chose the Ultimate biometric reader for the main building’s entrance due to its robust exterior, and capabilities. John Moran, Operations Director from Minerva Security, says: “We wanted to provide UBM with the most practical solution and since their building required enhanced biometric access control, we researched an external fingerprint reader that would be unaffected by the elements, ievo Ultimate is able to do just this. The system is able to function in the harshest weather conditions therefore it fit the criteria perfectly. The compact and reliable Micro reader is installed snugly within the building. Using Paxton’s market leading access control board, Net 2, it is able to secure a main office area. We really have provided UBM with the most efficient security package with ievo.” 


ievo Managing Director Shaun Oakes says: “This is the first ievo install with Minerva Security and they have done an excellent job of providing first class support to UBM. They were able to really hone in on their needs and thus provided UBM with a complementary ievo biometric system.” 

ievo will be exhibiting both fingerprint readers; Ultimate and Micro, at this year’s IFSEC.


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