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Facial recognition with AI

The facial recognition product company Aurora will be exhibiting its Artificial Intelligence-powered biometric access control system, FaceSentinel, at the Security & Counter Terror Expo in London on April 19 and 20.

FaceSentinel is described as a biometric access control authentication product powered by Deep Learning. Designed for integration with existing access control systems, the facial recognition system uses AI and infrared light to achieve unparalleled facial recognition speed, accuracy and reliability.

FaceSentinel works with existing high-security access control systems to authenticate passholders: a registered user swipes his or her pass card or key fob and FaceSentinel simply confirms whether the person holding the credential is the same person registered within the organisation’s access permissions system. This authentication happens in a second or less, providing unrivalled levels of access security for high risk sites including power stations and other utilities and critical national infrastructure facilities.

Gary James, Aurora’s Head of Sales and Customer Relations, pictured, says the development of FaceSentinel allows users to add a layer of authentication to crucial security zones and buildings. He says: “The key with FaceSentinel is that it is extremely fast, and totally unobtrusive and non-invasive. Its world leading accuracy means that site operators and government agencies have a further powerful identity management tool to protect access to sites that require the highest levels of security.”

Deep Learning is a technique used to create Artificial Intelligence. It works by first creating a blank “brain”: an artificial neural network. This brain is then trained to recognise faces by presenting it with millions of face image examples, enabling it to become more experienced, faster and more accurate at the facial recognition task than any human. Aurora’s Deep Learning capacity is the result of work done by its R&D department – a team of six PhD facial recognition experts led by Head of Research, Dr Tom Heseltine.

FaceSentinel includes the use of infrared cameras to overcome the inherent challenge presented to facial recognition by fluctuations in natural light.

At Security & Counter Terror Expo, Aurora will be exhibiting with its partner IDL, manufacturer of FastLane Turnstiles. To pre-book a meeting and demo email Gary James on

Security & Counter Terror Expo runs at London Olympia on April 19 and 20. Find out more and register to attend at


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