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Facial recognition talk

Professor Allyson MacVean of Bath Spa University will speak on ‘Ethics and Facial Recognition Technology: A potent cocktail for success or disaster?’ at the 21st Global MSC Security Conference and Exhibition. Also invited to speak is the Surveillance Camera Commissioner, Tony Porter, at the November 12 day, at the Bristol Hotel, in Bristol.

Allyson MacVean will consider the potential for facial recognition technology. From law enforcement to medical applications, its uses can create safer, secure environments to save lives. Yet, little of the legality or ethics of such technology has been explored. The public interest in police techniques to ensure safety and security is vested in having impartial, properly informed and fairly operated systems. However, public legitimacy for facial recognition is perceived to be unjustifiable on the grounds of being morally problematic.

Managing Director of Global MSC Security, Derek Maltby says: “The use of facial recognition is highly topical and polarising. In the past week, the High Court in Cardiff ruled that the use of automated facial recognition by South Wales Police was consistent with the requirements of the Human Rights Act and data protection legislation. This led the Biometrics Commissioner to call for an open public debate on the use of such technologies.

“The Global MSC Security Conference and Exhibition is an important milestone in this debate, putting local government, law enforcement, policy-makers and technology vendors in one room to have an open discussion regarding how to striking the balance of what is possible and what is acceptable.”

An exhibition preview will open on the afternoon of Monday, November 11, followed by gala charity dinner to raise money for The Lily Foundation, as well as reveal the winner of the 2019 Gordon McLanaghan Award for Security Innovation. The conference on Tuesday, November 12, is free-to-attend for delegates and end-users, with members of the Security Institute able to receive double CPD points for attending.

The event is supported by Genetec as headline sponsors. Other sponsors are Synectics, Bosch, DSSL Group, Milestone and 360 Vision Technology. For more detauls and to register visit:


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