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Facial recognition software

Vivotek has brought out a facial recognition surveillance product, with the AI and facial recognition technology firm CyberLink Corp. The software integration between VIVOTEK’s Video Management Software (VMS), VAST 2 and CyberLink’s FaceMe Security facial recognition software will enable users to monitor and manage facial recognition results for a range of security applications, the firms say.

It’s in response to demand for facial recognition applications. Through VMS VAST 2, users will encounter a smoother installation process the developers say due to the centralised interface for camera settings, and receive alerts based on typically pre-set block-lists, VIP guests, and employees. A series of matched videos filtering by VAST 2 database profiles allow security operators to carry out facial recognition management.

VIVOTEK has brought this solution to the market after beginning their work with CyberLink in early 2020. Applications the firms say include contactless access control management in commercial buildings, factories and hospitality, to security monitoring across campuses. VIVOTEK will co-host online webinars with CyberLink in Taiwan, Japan, Latin America and the USA, to demonstrate AI facial recognition.



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