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Face recognition terminals

Hikvision has launched a range of face recognition terminals. They are embedded with deep-learning algorithms for access control and office uses. There are three terminal models: the wall-mounted DS-K1T604MF and DS-K1T606MF; the base- or wall-mounted DS-K1T605MF; and the face recognition component for access turnstile DS-K5603-Z, pictured with access gates.

The wall-mounted terminal is the makers say suited for access at an entrance. The base and wall-mounted terminal can be mounted on vertical surfaces or on the front desk. The face recognition component is designed for use with access turnstiles. If needed, this model can be rotated horizontally upon installation for capturing facial images at the most effective angle.

Various models and types are available with a variety of front-end or back-end combinations; the face recognition terminals support 1:1 or 1:N matching modes, authentication via Mifare cards, and TCP/IP or RS-485 connectivity.

The company’s Deep-Learning algorithms in the face recognition terminals, Hikvision add, provide fewer transmission delays and a reduced load on back-end components. As a result, the face-capture rate can hit 99 per cent accuracy at less than 0.5 seconds, it’s claimed. Access turnstiles with the face recognition terminals can respond in less than a half-second, passing up to 40 persons per minute, the manufacturer says. As for ways of authenticating people, it could be by face images, or swiping an identity card and comparing the card’s image with the person presenting it. Visit


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