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Enrollment on trial

In Brazil, the Mato Grosso State Court of Justice is trialling biometric enrollment. In Brazil, when a person is caught in the act doing a crime, they are arrested and held for an immediate criminal hearing. This process, launched in 2015 by the National Justice Council, aims at a speedy hearing for the accused before the judge, usually within 24 hours. The evaluation process to identify the person before the hearing was initially based on manual identification methods.

To improve the process, Mato Grosso State recently chose Vision-Box to design and provide integrated biographic and biometric enrollment to speed up the identification process. vb e-pass portable is described by the product developers as an integrated enrollment and verification solution that captures biographic and biometric data in real-time, allowing the Forensic Office of Technical Identification (POLITEC) technicians to capture face and profile photos, fingerprints, and digital signature from the prisoners, as well as all biographic data registered on their identity cards.

Additional pictures are taken of specific body marks, such as tattoos and scars, to add to the person’s ID file. All this data is consolidated into a single personal profile that is associated with the arrested person, shared with the court house where the hearing take place, in addition to being stored in criminal databases at State and Federal level. Since the beginning of the pilot, hundreds of identifications were processed using the portable biometric device, ending the product firm says data discrepancies of the suspect’s identity, and it’s claimed guaranteeing a consistency and improvement in the enrollment. After identity verification, a doctor completes a medical exam, with a multidisciplinary team – of a social worker, a psychologist, and a nursing technician, doing a follow-up interview.

Aílton Machado, the POLITEC Metropolitan Director of Technical Identification, said: “This partnership aims to modernize the identification processes and guarantee an efficient and agile service delivery. The POLITEC technicians developed the pilot idea and helped to develop the solution along with Vision-Box™ Brazil as a way to build a system capable of being integrated in other Brazilian states, ensuring the biographic data capture provides an authenticity verification of the individual.”

vb e-pass allows the operator to capture and store the biographic and biometric data collection using an automated procedure. The software, customised to the project, collects and processes biometric data in accordance with ICAO and NIST international standards, Vision-Box adds. Leidivino Natal da Silva, Country Director of Vision-Box Brazil says: “This solution is going to revolutionize the citizens’ identification processes in the Brazilian Justice system. Vision-Box™ is collaborating directly with official Justice authorities to guarantee the information’s authenticity that remains stored in official databases. On the one hand, it allows the authorities to take actions with total trust in the quality of the information. On the other hand, it assures society at large that their identity is protected in the Justice system, and that this system is really judging the true criminals.”

About the firm

Founded in 2001, Vision-Box offers also automated border control systems, aimed at airports, airlines and Immigration authorities, as security check-points and self-boarding and automated border control biometric eGates.


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