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Dual iris authentication

Tyco Security Products introduces the integration of EyeLock nano NXT dual iris authentication, with the C.CURE 9000 security and event management product, from Software House.

For use the product developers say in business, government and other applications, EyeLock nano NXT uses video, rather than still pictures, to capture eye images at 20 frames per second. The software converts the unique characteristics of each iris into encrypted code, creating security with a false accept rate during authentication of one in 1.5 million for a single eye, it’s claimed. The biometric identifier can authenticate up to 20 people per minute while in-motion and at-a-distance of 30 centimetres, the company adds.

Rafael Schrijvers, Access Control Product Marketing Manager, EMEA, Tyco Security Products, said: “Tyco Security Products continues to build its biometric integration portfolio, offering customers the latest and most accurate technologies available. The availability of EyeLock nano NXT for use with C.CURE 9000 presents end users with expanded options for a highly secure access control solution.”

The nano NXT can be deployed within a networked C.CURE 9000 platform and can serve as part of two-factor authentication. The compact EyeLock nano NXT, which measures just 20 by 13 cm, offers an on-board memory of up to 20,000 unique users. Other features of EyeLock nano NXT include tamper detection and a web configuration tool. Customisation is available through an optional SDK. Visit Software House at


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