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Contactless access control

Suprema, pictured, was among the exhibitors at the ST20 Birmingham exhibition in February.

The access control, time and attendance and biometric product manufacturer, points out that it saw a trend towards contactless, biometric and mobile access before the Covid-19 pandemic. The Korean company’s FaceStation 2 face recognition terminal is for contactless use. Mobile Access, Suprema’s contactless credentialing product, cuts out the need for access cards and proximity devices by using iOS and Android smartphones as a personal access credential.

Young S Moon, CEO of Suprema Inc said: “Suprema has been pioneering contactless access control solutions long before the pandemic and heightened market demand for safer and more secure access control solutions. Our FaceStation 2 and Mobile Access contactless solutions seamlessly integrate with our BioStar integrated security platform to deliver comprehensive functionality for the most demanding security and workforce management applications.”

FaceStation 2 offers up to 3,000 matches per second; a memory capacity capable of accommodating up to 30,000 users, 50,000 image logs and five million text logs; live face detection with infra red-based fake face blocking (anti-spoofing); and multi-band RF reading to support the latest RFID standards for multi-modal credentialing when required. The ergonomically designed device features an Android-based intuitive touchscreen LCD.

And Mobile Access turns virtually any iOS or Android smartphone into a contactless access credentialing device, eliminating the cost associated with issuing access cards and proximity devices. FaceStation 2 will soon become compatible with Suprema Mobile Access. Users can tap their smartphone on an RFID reader to gain access from distances within 10cm without the need to wake the host smartphone.



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