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Access control with biometric

Suprema biometric devices can now be paired with Axis Communications and its AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller, pictured, through ENTERTECH SYSTEMS’ BioConnect 3.0 identity management platform. Young S. Moon, Vice President of Suprema Inc, said: “The integration of Suprema biometric technology with AXIS A1001 represents two industry leaders combining the best technology in their respective fields for the maximum user benefits. The infusion of biometrics into Axis’ system that has strength in video management will offer customers the benefits of true identity with enhanced security and extra convenience.”

Suprema’s biometric devices are integrated into the A1001, described as an open, non-proprietary platform. Users of the A1001 can access biometric templates on a user basis without having to manage the dual data entry traditionally found in stand-alone biometrics, the firms say. Through BioConnect’s graphical user interface, users can access the enrollment window to search for a user/badge and add biometric templates.

Bruce Stewart, access control business development manager for Axis, said: “Suprema’s advanced biometric technologies integrated with our A1001 network door controller will provide our customers with an integrated system that includes truly easy to use and manage biometrics.” And Rob Douglas, CEO of ENTERTECH SYSTEMS, said: “This new relationship with Axis will enable their customers to fast track and overcome three major obstacles to mainstream adoption of biometrics. Cost, complexity and user on-boarding are all addressed by our BioConnect 3.0 identity management platform, which leverages Suprema’s leading biometric technology.”


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