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Wireless expander’s new features

Pyronix’s UR2-WE wireless expander now features dual-frequency, HUD/MED-WE compatibility and a fail-safe fault relay (product code: UR2-WE).

These new features enable the latest UR2-WE to switch between wireless channels to avoid jamming, for up to 20 HUD wireless panic buttons to be added and for the control panel to be notified if the device experiences a power loss fault.

Pyronix Marketing Director, Laurence Kenny, said: “We’re always looking at ways we can improve not only our latest solutions, but also our existing ones and we’re really pleased to deliver these new features to the UR2-WE.”

The UR2-WE is a wireless expander that enables installers to add Pyronix two-way wireless devices to any brand of wired control panel with an arm-disarm output. This allows for retrofit or up-selling to an alarm system, where wireless expansion can be added to cover extensions, outbuildings and more, the manufacturer says.

Whether installing new or upgrading an alarm system, the installer can use the UR2-WE to add up to ten wireless sensors or six wireless keyfobs per channel; each wireless channel can either support sensors or keyfobs, but not a mix of the two. Therefore, you can add up to 20 sensors or 12 keyfobs to an installation.

This now includes compatibility with the HUD/MED-WE (HUD/MED-WE is only compatible with UR2-WE software versions V4.03 and above); should the UR2-WE receive a HUD activation, its alarm relay will open, while its seven segment display locally highlights the respective number of the activated input, to identify which HUD has been activated. Up to 20 HUD/MED-WE devices can be added and they can be learned to the same alarm relay as any Enforcer wireless device.

With the addition of dual frequency, if all the wireless devices learned onto the UR2-WE are working on wireless channel one, and the UR2-WE detects a wireless jamming signal, it will switch all its devices over to wireless channel two, to prevent the learned devices from being jammed and to maintain performance.

Meanwhile, by wiring its fail-safe fault relay to an input of the control panel, should the UR2-WE lose power, the fault relay will open and notify the control panel of the power loss fault, so that action can be taken and security maintained. Laurence Kenny added: “The improvements we’ve made extend the capabilities to not only upsell or add HUD capabilities with the UR2, but also make it an even more secure and reliable expander for the installer.”



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