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Tyco brand

 Elpas is a new brand of Tyco Security Products. When Tyco Security Products acquired Visonic, Ltd. late last year, part of the acquisition included a smaller division named Visonic Technologies, a developer of Real Time Location Systems (RTLS). With a range of RTLS products and applications, there was synergy between Visonic Technologies’ portfolio and Tyco Security Products’ integration strategies. Hence Tyco Security Products has rebranded of the Visonic Technologies line of products to “Elpas.”

Mark VanDover, President of Tyco Security Products, said: “Those familiar with Visonic Technologies will recognise the Elpas brand as the current name of their powerful real time location awareness system. With excellent penetration in the healthcare market, the Elpas brand is synonymous with safety, security and visibility. For any business concerned with high-value property, location of personnel, or patient/visitor safety, Elpas is known for unsurpassed location-based security.

“The Elpas solutions nicely complement Tyco Security Products current portfolio of access control, video, and intrusion products. By layering RTLS functionality with our different security products and platforms, we can provide a broad range of cost-effective ways to enhance the protection of high-value assets, staff members, patients and visitors in a variety of markets.”

At the ISC West Conference and Exhibition in the US, Tyco Security Products showed integration between Elpas and Software House technologies using RTLS tracking data as access control system events. This enables the C·CURE 9000 security management product from the Software House arm of Tyco to trigger the appropriate response protocols such as the lock-down of doors should unapproved equipment or patient transfers occur; or to initiate live video streaming upon unauthorised attempts to access restricted areas. A cross-platform, hands-free door locking solution featuring the tight integration of Elpas RTLS/access control interoperability will be showcased in the booth.

VanDover added: “We’re looking forward to extending this integration, not only within C·CURE 9000, but with our victor video management system. A unified victor-driven solution with ‘Elpas inside’ will offer ultimate control of any environment to ensure the protection of people and property.” For more information, visit


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