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Smoke detectors for telco

Xtralis VESDA-E smoke detectors have been selected by Telstra, the Australian telecoms provider, to fit in its switching exchanges and data centres in case of fire.

Telstra’s critical communication infrastructure has long been protected by VESDA solutions, with VESDA Xenon and Laser-based detectors deployed since the late 1990s. With VESDA-E VEU, Telstra is seeking smoke detection and fire protection, for service reliability and continuity.

As data and information service needs grow, Telstra is retro-fitting at sites and expanding with new facilities, and VESDA-E VEU will be the smoke detection system to provide threat prevention for both.

Eddie Tieppo, Xtralis Sales Director for Australia, New Zealand and India, said: “We’re proud to serve Telstra with the new VESDA-E VEU systems, as we have worked with them for many years. Telstra is a world-class organization, and they recognized the value of VESDA early on. Our systems have protected their facilities for many years. With VESDA-E VEU we expect to protect Telstra’s critical infrastructure for many years to come. It’s an honour to protect the best with the best.”

VESDA-E is the latest of VESDA aspirating smoke detectors, featuring the makers say increased sensitivity, up to 8pc less power consumption per unit area, future proof expandability and programming, analytics to provide unique particle type characterization capabilities, and connectivity options — all while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO), the detection product company says. Built with patented Flair technology, VESDA-E represents an evolution of the VESDA Xenon and VESDA Laser series, the makers add. Visit


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