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Redcare revamp

BT Redcare, the UK supplier of alarm signalling services, has revamped its products for households and businesses. The arm of BT has launched three alarm signalling products – available to buy – which can be used to monitor a range of risks, including physical break-ins, fire, gas leaks and flooding. A fourth product will be launched early in 2019.

The telecoms firm says its offers a much faster experience end-to-end, from the installation of a security system to connectivity, signalling and fault reporting. A new app for installers covers customer set-up, and a new app for customers lets them receive notifications and alerts. The new products have also designed as environmentally friendly, requiring less energy to run and using recyclable packaging. As for security the products come with end-to-end encryption, 24/7 technical support and a ten-year warranty.

The new portfolio comprises:

Essential: the entry-level package which offers wireless security alarm signalling; also monitoring.

Advanced: this package comes with two signalling paths to provide twice the reassurance, suitable the firm says for low-medium risk sites, with the flexibility to upgrade if required.

Advanced Extra: this offers the same features as Advanced but with faster reporting times. If there’s a fault with the connection, the monitoring will be alerted in 180 seconds.

Ultimate: this is BT Redcare’s premium product which covers every level of risk. Underpinned by resilient and future proof IP broadband and smart 4G connections, the product boasts a built in broadband hub, superior levels of security and reliability, with battery back-up to keep the system running, even in the event of a power cut. It also has faster response times, with its enhanced monitoring capabilities alerting security experts about any connection issues within just 90 seconds.

John Ware, General Manager, BT Redcare, said: “We’re introducing faster, smarter and greener ways of protecting homes and businesses, underpinned by the best fixed and mobile networks in the UK. We’ve designed our Next Generation portfolio based on feedback from ARCs, installers, insurers, businesses and homeowners, and with our products meeting the highest standards in the industry, we can provide our customers with the peace of mind they’re looking for in an alarm signalling system.”



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