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Panel and keypad kits

Eaton’s Security business has introduced panel and keypad kits based around its Menvier and Scantronic security product lines.

The firm says this development is the result of customer consultation. Installers can now enjoy the makers say easier selection and ordering, as they just need to know the number of zones required. The Scantronic kits come in four variants which include an i-onEXD or i-onEX control panel and the latest keypad with built-in prox – the i-on30EXDKP, i-on30EXDLKP, i-on50EXDKP, i-on160EXDKP – making them suitable it is claimed for residential and smaller commercial use. And for commercial uses such as schools, offices and government buildings, the Menvier family of high-end control panels comes with keypads that include a built-in prox and two zones as standard.

Individual control panels and additional keypads can still be purchased for maintenance purposes. However, Eaton’s Security business believes that in most cases it will be more cost effective to buy the complete package and keep the keypad as a spare. Regardless of which kit they are supplied with, all the keypads are compatible with the full range of Scantronic and Menvier panels.

Martin Tweedie, Product Manager of Eaton’s Security business, said: ‘As one of the original pioneers of kit based solutions, I am delighted that we have now extended this format across the entire Scantronic and Menvier ranges. We take great pride in listening to our customers and, in turn, making our systems as convenient to use, install and maintain as possible, while at the same time enhancing value for money.’


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