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Outdoor wireless magnetic contact

New from Pyronix is its latest security peripheral, the MCEXTERNAL-WE outdoor wireless magnetic contact.

This tamperproof and weatherproof contact extends perimeter protection applications to sheds, garages and gates, says the alarm arm of Hikvision. Remote voice push notification alerts come via the smart device apps, HomeControl2.0 and ProControl+.

Laurence Kenny, Pyronix Marketing Director, said: “We’re very pleased to add this perimeter protection option to the range, as this really extends perimeter protection use case applications of the system as a whole.”

Featuring an IP66 rating, this Grade 2 device is the makers say easy to fit and calibrate, while offering reduced false alarms, even with gaps of up to 70mm between contact and magnet, the company says. You can connect the MCEXTERNAL-WE to security cameras to provide perimeter protection with voice push notifications and video verification of an intrusion via ProControl+, the company’s cloud-based device application to give users remote monitoring.

Laurence Kenny said: “The MCEXTERNAL-WE has been designed to offer maximum coverage and flexibility for multiple purposes, whether securing an outbuilding or a gate. We’re delighted to add this outdoor contact to the range, as a system can now offer both volumetric coverage of an area using our outdoor XD detectors, as well as specific outbuilding and perimeter defence with the MCEXTERNAL-WE.

“By adding this to our app-enabled systems, the user will be notified via a voice push notification to their app whenever the contact is triggered – letting them know of a break in, or to simply tell them that their gate has been opened.

“If the contact has been linked to one of our cameras, say the LightCamera, the user will also receive Full-HD video verification and active defence capabilities via ProControl+; increasing not only the level of interactivity and value our security system provides users, but also up-sell opportunities for our installers.”

The product also provides a wireless range of 300m in open space and comes with a two-year battery life. Visit


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