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Detector for visual alarms

The MotionCam detector, pictured, from Ajax Systems, lets users get visual alarm verification without using surveillance cameras. The detectors do not violate privacy, as they do not record 24/7 but activate the camera only in case of alarm — neither users nor the security company have any back-doors to take a picture by request, the manufacturer says. Once motion is detected, MotionCam takes up to five photos, which are compiled into an animation in the Ajax app. The photos are stored at the Ajax Cloud (like all the events in the security system’s log).

Just like the rest of the Ajax detectors, the new detector operates at a distance of 1700m from the hub, and the Ajax security system covers an area of up to 12 km2, which is enough to protect multi-story buildings and now with visual alarm verification. More details at

Users are now also able to configure scenarios to shut off the water at the first signs of leakage automatically; or to activate the lights and sirens in case of a trespasser detected; or, automatic power shutdown during a fire alarm. More available scenarios are listed at

Valentyn Hrytsenko, CMO Ajax Systems, described it as a big step towards an Ajax-based smart home. “The goal of this release is to automate the user’s routines in the app and train the Ajax system to resist the threats autonomously. Our next big focus will be to dive deeper into the climate control and lighting automation. We’ve formed a dedicated R&D team in Ajax Systems to develop the smart home functionality further. Within the next two years, we’re planning to significantly expand the model range of automation devices.”


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