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EURO control panel

Pyronix has launched the EURO 46 V10 intruder alarm control panel. It’s the latest addition to the V10 range, for the UK and Republic of Ireland markets. Pyronix says that it streamlines the product range, while adding new functionality and offering installers upsell opportunities.

This latest release from the Rotherham-based firm replaces the EURO 46 and EURO 46 APP variants of panels and brings them under the V10 umbrella. That means less stocking of multiple panels, with the same great features in the previous versions. Rather than the installer adapting their product holding for various installations, the EURO 46 V10 will adapt its programming structure based on the communicator that’s installed. This means that installers can upgrade systems to be HomeControl+ App compatible, by switching the communicator rather than the entire panel. According to the product manufacturer, this offers far more upsell opportunities to the installer.

The new EURO 46 V10 will be sold in two variants; a small and large metal end-station. This gives installers the choice of grade 2 and grade 3 installations respectively and even offers the facility of a grade 3 compliant app compatible system. The EURO 46 V10 offers hybrid control panels. An installer can add Enforcer two-way wireless peripherals to a site with the EURO ZEM32-WE two-way wireless expander.

Pyronix Marketing Manager, Laurence Kenny, said: “The EURO 46 V10 offers a completely versatile security solution that can deliver everything from bells-only, to a fully functional lifestyle solution with the HomeControl+ App. We saw the popularity of the Enforcer V10 from our customers and decided to provide them with another streamlined and efficient solution.

“With the impact smart devices, IP and mobile applications are having on our industry, the Pyronix V10 range protects our customers by delivering every security option with one range of panels. Instead of communication being a key consideration, now it is simply whether an initially wireless or wired fit is required. Another key upgrade is the increase in the number of wired zones available. Now installers will have 76 wired zones as opposed to 46 in the previous versions, making this a panel which can suit more installations than ever before. The hybrid nature of the panels means that 64 wireless zones can be added. We are making it easy for our customers and delivering value to them.

“Whichever V10 system is initially fitted, our customers can deliver the level of security the user desires. Not only that, but should a user opt for bells-only and then change their mind, the HomeControl+ App, wireless expandability and much more is still available. By fitting a V10 panel, our customer effectively future-proofs their options. The brand-new EURO 46 V10 can even deliver a grade 3 compliant system with full HomeControl+ and PyronixCloud function. Pyronix is delivering truly versatile security with the V10.”



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