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Control panel communicator

Pyronix have launched the DIGI-WIFI/XA communicator for the hybrid EURO 46 APP control panel. The alarm company says this new communication option affirms its commitment to delivering more choices and opportunities for customers.

With the DIGI-WIFI/XA, installations are much more efficient, according to the firm. All you have to do is fit the control panel in a convenient location and log-in to the user’s wi-fi network. No running of Ethernet cables. No impractical cable entry locations. No data costs. No extra data usage. No monthly contracts. No need to keep it topped up. Just the connection. The DIGI-WIFI/XA module fits inside the panel, with the external antenna fixed vertically and conveniently up to 1m away.

The makers point out that the control panel communicator is compatible with Wi-Fi connectivity of 2.4GHz. It is not compatible with 5GHz.

The DIGI-WIFI/XA also works with HomeControl+ App and PyronixCloud, besides Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) connectivity via Fast Format IP, Contact ID IP or SIA 3 IP. Hence an installer can provide a user with a smartphone app to control their security from anywhere or an ARC connection. Meanwhile the installer can upsell, generate recurring revenue, retain customers and add to efficiency, with remote panel diagnostics and maintenance via the uploading-downloading capability.


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