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Varso Place access

The tallest building in the European Union is Varso Place in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. It’s live with Forge Bluepoint, Forge’s cloud-based visitor management product. That was chosen by Varso Place’s developer HB Reavis after the firm researched the market and found that product was multi-tenant ready, multi-lingual and could integrate with Inner Range’s Integriti system.

Jakub Kacer, Security Manager at HB Reavis said: “When all tenants use Forge Bluepoint, our receptionists will have less administration work, we will have real-time visitor statistics and it’s a modern attractive visitor system.”

At each building, visitors will be invited by tenants by email which will provide them with a unique QR code. Visitors will use this QR code to check-in at the Forge Bluepoint kiosk or with reception staff. The integration with Integriti access control allows visitors to also use the QR code to call the lifts, supplied by Schindler, to access the floor of the tenant company (and nowhere else).

Paul Speariett, co-founder and director at Forge, said: “Working closely with the onsite security and building management team at Varso Place, in Warsaw, we were able to implement Forge Bluepoint during the COVID-19 crisis from the UK. It wasn’t ideal, but we overcame the challenges and are proud to see Forge Bluepoint working to give visitors a great experience.”

Tim Northwood, General Manager at Inner Range, said: “Our flagship intelligent integrated access control system Integriti provides robust security and sophisticated controls around access to these new buildings. But it also allows trouble-free access for users, including the ability to invite and manage visitors easily via Forge Bluepoint.”

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Varso Place is Warsaw’s largest mixed-use development and consists of Varso 1, Varso 2 designed by HRA Architekci, and Varso Tower, 310m high and designed by celebrated architects, Foster + Partners. Visit

It has 1.5 million sq ft of leasable space, by companies including Cambridge Innovation Centre, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (a state-owned development bank in Poland) and the Polish offices of Nvidia, Yves Rocher and Workday.


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