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Temperature sensing

GAI-TRONICS has a new access control feature in its HUBBCOM family of products, temperature sensing. That’s as a way to facilitate a contactless check-in process for employees and authorised visitors in a building. Stu Foote, Senior Product Manager at the manufacturer says: “GAI-TRONICS is proud to have developed an access control feature that complies with WHO COVID-19 safety standards and guidelines to ensure peace of mind and promote health and safety.”

The feature includes body temperature reading while wearing a mask, and offers minimised face-to-face contact when checking into a building, and compliance with Covid-19 safety rules.

Temperature sensing works like this: an authorised user walks into a business’s vestibule or lobby, scans their access card and is prompted to align their face with the template that appears on the screen. Body temperature is read within two to five seconds and, if a satisfactory temperature is detected, access is granted. Access to a building can be denied if an irregular body temperature is detected. An email report of the body temperature and photo are sent to a pre-determined person such as security personnel or facilities management.

HUBBCOM devices provide numerous functionalities from access control and point-to-point audio/video intercom to SIP telephony and facility-wide or zoned broadcasting and alarm generation. Temperature sensing is an option offered on HUBBCOM models (GSC1100TS, GSC2100TS, GSC3100TS and GSC4100TS.

Temperature sensing access control is for use across markets, the product company adds, including factories, offices, education, healthcare and almost any building with an indoor vestibule/entryway. Visit


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