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Access Control

Tailgate detector

A developer of intelligent sensing solutions, IEE was showing its Tailgate Detector TDflex, People Counter and Volumetric Object Surveillor products at IFSEC. The firm says that its Tailgate Detector TDflex means that the sensor is now equipped with two main operating modes – “virtual mantrap” and “real mantrap”.


In the virtual mantrap mode, TDflex creates a virtual mantrap in front of the access point to a secure area. This access point can be a door, a mechanical or optical turnstile, a revolving door or even a line drawn on the floor. TDflex then tracks people in the virtual mantrap and only allows access to authorised people, by taking each person’s authentication credit into account.


In the real mantrap mode, TDflex monitors the space between two interlocking doors and provides outputs that determine whether the space is empty, there is only one person present, or there is a suspicious situation. In this mode, TDflex does not consider authentication credits but continuously provides the occupancy state of the mantrap.


In addition to its access control functions, TDflex can offer people counting, such as – an entry and exit counter, zone occupancy and zone occupancy threshold alerts without the need for a computer, multi-zone occupancy and threshold alerts, data logging, and analysis and reporting. More information about IEE’s products is available at


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