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Access Control

Software update

Checking security credentials on mobile devices, scalable vector graphics, Application Layer High Availability for customers who require Enterprise grade reliability and Licence Plate Recognition are among new updates available for Inner Range’s Integriti product.
An Integriti V18 software update is available now for new and existing customers.

Security staff will be able to check the validity of people’s credentials with a new Sky Reader app, pictured, which allows staff to use their mobile phone to read security passes anywhere on site. When valid cards are read, corresponding photo ID appears for checking and security staff can suspend credentials if need be. Scalable vector graphics are also available to help security staff pinpoint access points, alarms and systems needing attention. Integriti can automatically zoom into a specific area required without manual scrolling or zooming.

Customers can also now run multiple instances of Integriti services at the same time. Controllers and clients automatically connect to available nodes to ensure an “always on experience”, minimising downtime. Vehicle number plates can now be used as credentials when used with compatible CCTV systems; and the update includes more secure methods of reading data with all Sifer readers able to read EV2 credentials.

Tim Northwood, General Manager for Inner Range Europe, said: “Integriti is already an advanced/state of the art integrated security solution but we are continually looking for ways to enhance user experience and maintain our place at the forefront of changing technology. These improvements will make life easier for our customers and help them do more, more quickly and more reliably.”

The firm describes Integriti as delivering an intelligent integrated security solution for managing and controlling single and multiple sites at local, national and global levels. Integrating with third party systems as a PSIM (physical security information management) system, Integriti manages not only security, access control and building automation but also people and business continuity processes such as HR, payroll and health and safety.

Its reporting functionality enables organisations to gain insight and evidence for business improvement and other business functions.

About Inner Range

Founded in Australia in 1988, it has European headquarters in Reading, Berkshire. More than 130,000 Inner Range systems have now been installed in over 30 countries. Visit


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