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Access Control

Smart lock range

The CL5500 is Codelocks’s first smart lock range. It provides a range of entry methods. It’s wireless, giving users the ability to connect remotely and choose between push-button code, smart card or smartphone access. The keyless entry reduces the need for on-site staff to manage access and the hassle of managing or replacing lost keys. Self-service entry offers access outside normal working hours. A user can monitor access and lock use with audit trail data reporting. Building managers can control and operate CL5500 locks remotely via a smartphone, update basic settings and generate multiple, date- and time-sensitive codes. The lock can also be set in code-free mode at fixed times of the day when access is required for cleaning, maintenance or deliveries. Users can create up to ten code-free periods, which automatically enable when scheduled.

Grant Macdonald, Managing Director of Codelocks says: “We recognise that smart digital locks are the latest IoT-based innovation that can help make building managers’ working lives easier. Our new smart wireless digital locks enable better access control within buildings, while significantly reducing the burden on time for on-going management tasks. By combining smart technology with wireless access, alongside traditional keypad and card access options, many types of users including building managers, home rental owners and home care service providers will benefit from increased levels of convenience and control.

“With so much choice available it’s difficult to know which access control product is best for each businesses’ building, staff, customers and budget, and will work alongside any current systems. Our new CL5500 smart locks offer flexibility, suiting a wide range of environments and varying needs. They are also supported by our team of experts offering application advice and after sales technical support.”

David Borrie, co-founder of rehearsal studios business, Pirate Studios, says the CL5500 has enabled his company to provide 24-7 access to its customers: “We were very lucky in finding Codelocks when we did. We were looking for a way to manage customers entering the studio building and individual studio rooms at specific times.

“Codelocks fitted CL5510 smart locks on the front door and individual studio room doors, and KL1550 KitLock locker locks on the storage for music equipment. These locks allow codes to be created via an online portal and issued to our customers via email or text message. This eliminated the need for staff to be onsite.

“Musicians receive personalised codes for self-service access to the rehearsal space and storage lockers. Unique codes can be issued for different locks, if a musician needed to access their kit, but not a rehearsal space, they would be given two codes: one for the front door and one for storage. Or, for studio room hires, musicians would be given a code for the front door and one for an individual studio door.

“Codelocks’ smart locks increase convenience and helps us keep prices low for our customers.”



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