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Access Control

Readers for mobile devices

The Reading-based distributor Norbain announces access control product company HID’s latest Seos products, which now includes the ability to use mobile devices for secure access and managing multiple applications.

The new range consists of:

HID Seos Profile Readers – The latest readers in the SE Portfolio. The readers use the Seos platform. Also, the readers are available to be used with HID Mobile Access.

HID Mobile Access – Allows the user to download an app to their smartphone and take advantage of either NFC or Bluetooth to communicate with the reader to allow entry. The system is described as seamless to setup and install, offering the next generation in access control. The app can be downloaded via the Apple app store or Google Play (Android).

iClass Seos Cards – Based on the latest from HID Global, Seos cards work it’s claimed out of the box with Seos Profile readers. The cards are the firms say a solution for where multiple legacy reader technologies are in place and the move to advanced, more secure technology is desired.

Anne Wesley, Product Marketing Manager – Access Control at Norbain, says: “HID’s new Seos range of readers and cards allow end users to advance to the more secure technology that is now being offered. With products that can seamlessly integrate into legacy systems this allows customers to not only manage the move into more advanced security, but also to upgrade at a pace that is suitable for their budget.”


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