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Access Control

Product Builder CD

When Videx Security introduced the eighth edition of the Product Builder CD at the start of 2013, it provided customers with a means of creating door entry and access control systems. The distributor Norbain has been using the Product Builder for more than five years. There are some 55 users within the company and it has been installed within Norbain’s internal system so that the field and internal sales, technical support and product management have access

By using the Product Builder, the distributor is not waiting on suppliers to provide quotes. This speeds up the turn-around of quotations to customers. The Product Builder lets sales staff produce quotes for complex door entry or access within minutes. The 2013 version allows the creation of a door entry or access control system with no prior knowledge of Videx products. A five-step wizard guides users are through the creation of a door entry system. Sales staff can see at a glance the products they are selecting. Anne Wesley, Product Marketing Manager, at Norbain, says: “It avoids any mistakes being made at the outset. Everything is a click away in terms of datasheets, manuals and so on, helping to confirm our professionalism when providing customer quotations.” Videx Product Builder 8 features a choice of possible solutions so that options can be selected based on cost, preferred products and system functionality. This gives flexibility.

Anne Wesley adds: “We have worked with Videx for many years. We have found them to be very professional and at the forefront when it comes to helping customers. We have a very good working relationship with the Videx team who offer a valued support structure to both us and our customers.”

To see the new Videx Product Builder it in operation, visit YouTube Also visit to register for a copy of Product Builder 8.


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