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Access Control

Lock series

Dahua Technology, the Chinese manufacturer and supplier of video surveillance products based in Hangzhou, has introduced its Smart Lock series to the market.

Dahua Smart Lock is an electronic lock and key designed for residential uses. The products come in three models: ASL6101, ASL8101 and ASL8112, and each come in three colours. All models of the family support password and card for unlocking. Of the three, the ASL8112 supports finger print unlocking.

The lock’s touchpad can be operated by touch and inputting password. All settings can be done by following the voice prompt, without using the manual. The registration button is on the panel, and the installer can press the button to begin all settings. The sleep mode of the smart lock will start automatically in 15 seconds when not used. The locks support up to 50-group user passwords and 50 cards, while the ASL8112 supports up to 50 fingerprints.

The makers suggest that the ASL8 series is a match for iron gates, while the ASL6 series goes with wooden doors. The series can be installed in villas, modern office buildings or apartments, as pictured, the company adds. Visit


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