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Intruder detection certified as Grade 3

Inner Range access control products all include intruder detection systems certified as Grade 3, according to European Standard EN50131-1.

The grading system reflects how attacks by variously skilled and prepared intruders. Grade 3 (on an ascending risk scale from one to four) assumes intruders will have some knowledge of an alarm and a range of tools and portable electronic equipment. Many insurance companies will not provide business cover unless a Grade 3 alarm system is in place.

Tim Northwood, General Manger at Inner Range, said: “Our intelligent access control systems always offer high quality intruder detection as standard. We know security is paramount, regardless of whether customers are looking for an Entry or Enterprise level product. So we ensure all our products include certified Grade 3 alarm systems. Combining intruder detection with access control also means customers don’t have to buy, install and maintain two separate systems, saving time and resources while also providing a more effective solution for access and security challenges.”

Wireless devices, such as wireless motion sensors, can also be fitted to Inner Range products via partner companies Inovonics and Paradox. This is helpful the manufacturer says for some listed and public buildings where wiring is difficult or prohibited for aesthetic reasons. Wireless systems are certified as Grade 2 but in some cases provide the only security solution.

As for security features, Inner Range’s access cards include MIFARE DESFire EV2 chips. These offer security, privacy and multi-application support. Their Sifer readers deploy 128bit AES encryption from the card through to the door module, providing it is claimed more security than traditional Wiegand based card readers too.



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