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GARDiS software

The access security manufacturer TDSi is launching the latest version of its new GARDiS software. Version 1.1 provides extra functionality and support for installers and end users.

Tina Baker, Software Development Manager at TDSi said: “The latest version of the GARDiS software adds considerable additions to the platform. These include Multiple Access Levels per person, an Office Mode (featuring a Double Tap) and the facility to import people details and keys rapidly to facilitate on-boarding of new authorised users.”

The software was launched at the end of last year, before the demonstration of its new prototype GARDiS Controller in April. The GARDiS software and hardware range uses web-based software and integrated hardware. Further new functions of GARDiS Version 1.1 include ACU Holidays, pictured, which can be set against Door-Free access, Access Modes (Card Only/Card+PIN/PIN Only) and specific doors within access levels. There are new screens, including ‘Assign multiple access levels to doors’ and ‘Assign multiple people to access levels’.

A user can now assign multiple access levels per person and temporary access level assignment, for example allowing specific people to unlock the required doors for meetings and then reverting to controlled access when finished. The GARDiS Installer programme is also included and ready to use when the system is activated.

Tina added: “The latest version of the GARDiS software shows the rapid pace of development and evolution that the whole range embodies. Flexibility and enhanced security are vital to combat the latest threats and ensure that end users feel safe and can continue to go about their daily business unhindered by the systems that protect them and delivering peace of mind.”



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