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Access Control

EPD for smart locks

SALTO Systems has received the first Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for XS4 smart locks, including the XS4 Original model for the European and Scandinavian standard models.

An EPD is an independently verified document that reports environmental information about the life cycle of a product; in this case, the SALTO XS4 Original narrow smart electronic lock. Producing an EPD is a way for companies to be transparent about the environmental impact of producing and maintaining products.

SALTO Systems Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Aznar Sethna said: “Obtaining the first EPD for an XS4 model globally at the concept design stage is a significant achievement that SALTO Systems should be incredibly proud of. Not only does it set a benchmark for the access control industry, but this EPD also demonstrates SALTO’s genuine commitment to environmental transparency and improved environmental outcomes.”

The access product firm says that its XS4 models and smart locks, which can be used to retro-fit doors or be used in new building construction doors, were designed to be environmentally sustainable. It is not uncommon for security and technology companies to conduct life cycle assessments. EPD verification required data to be collected and reported according to rules and standards.

SALTO Systems Quality Manager Ricardo Garcia said: “Obtaining an EPD for an entire product family is not a simple process. It requires collecting and analysing a substantial amount of data about the smart lock’s life cycle – right down to determining environmental impacts.

“SALTO is committed to creating environmentally sustainable smart locking technology design, so this information drives the continuous improvement of our products. By quantifying the environmental impact of our lock models, we can ensure our partners and customers that future projects are exponentially more sustainable.”

The makers add that the XS4 Original electronic escutcheon sets need no wiring and provide wire-free, battery-powered networked electronic locking with keyless and mobile (NFC and BLE) functionality. The XS4 Original range is designed to fit on most standard doors and work with most Scandinavian, European, and ANSI mortise locks and tubular latches and is EPD compliant to provide smart locking.


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