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Electronic cylinder

New from the electronic access control manufacturer SALTO Systems is the SALTO Neo Cylinder.

The cylinder is designed for doors where fitting an electronic escutcheon is not possible or required and can be installed on standard doors, server racks, gates, cabinets, electric switches and sliding doors. It comes in a range of models. The clutch system is energy efficient, dropping power consumption to low levels resulting in 100,000 / 130,000 operations from one set of batteries, the makers say. Standby power consumption is also reduced, further extending battery life, the company adds.

The IP66-rated cylinder is weather-resistant, making it suitable it’s claimed for outdoor use. The product also provides greater control over the door by offering users access to audit trails, reports, alerts and so much more. A user can manage access rights – keyless – which is more secure than using mechanical keys.

Marc Handels, Chief Technology Innovation Officer (CTIO) SALTO said: “SALTO’s new Neo Cylinder technology provides customers, systems operators and installers with new features and the ability to connect keyless access where we couldn’t have justified wiring a door before. We’ve seen for years that electronic locking technology is an ecosystem subject to continuous change and growth and we’ve had to consider how to best anticipate customers’ needs and develop smart locking solutions that are easy to adopt and install. The SALTO Neo Cylinder has more functionality and performance capability than any other cylinder on the market, allowing businesses to connect to their on-premises network via advanced SVN technology or the cloud with our SALTO KS cloud-based access management platform.”

Because the cylinder works with SALTO SVN, SALTO BLUEnet Wireless and the SALTO KS – Keys as a Service – cloud-based technology, it can be switched to any of the firm’s platforms at any time without changing hardware. It also includes SALTO SVN-Flex, which increases the capability, efficiency and reliability of SALTO SVN. This allows businesses to decide which technology fits better with their security, operational and IT needs, according to the firm.

SALTO JustIN Mobile technology is also in every cylinder. This lets users and system administrators send or receive a mobile key to open a door or gate fitted with a Neo cylinder via their iOS or Android Bluetooth or NFC-enabled smartphone.



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