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Access Control

C.Cure integration

Tyco Security Products has a new integration with Stratus Technologies and its business continuity products, to add to its C•CURE 9000 and C•CURE 800/8000 access control platforms. The product has moved to Stratus Technologies’ everRun Enterprise and Express v7.2.

Raf Schrijvers, Product Marketing Manager, Access Control, EMEA, Tyco Security Products, said: “Maintaining system uptime in times of power or connectivity disruption is one of the most critical aspects of security monitoring. The marriage of Stratus Technologies’ redundancy product with C•CURE platforms makes already highly reliable access control systems even more robust and fault tolerant.”

Through its partnership with Stratus, C•CURE has added to its fault tolerant capabilities by deploying everRun Enterprise and Express. By operating on two machines, C•CURE continues to run even if one machine fails. If a component fails, it is replaced with a healthy component from the second system. Also, memory checking ensures that all current transactions as well as memory and cached data are preserved.

everRun is available in Enterprise and Express versions. The everRun preventative-based model is focused on helping users continue to operate and compute — even during IT failures. In the event of an incident, the software issues email alerts to authorised staff. Users can choose from a variety of automatic fail-over and recovery options based on availability needs rather than the size of their C•CURE system. The scalable system requires minimal IT staff input for operation, according to the developers. Visit


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