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Access Control

Automated access for gated community

A gated community in the United States wanted to keep a time log of who had access to the community and when. They sought automated access for vehicles that allows for quick throughput, while maintaining checks on entry.

Highland Springs, outside Springfield, Missouri, pictured, has over 500 residents and various contracting workers for landscaping. For these residents and contracting workers, the community needed a system for secure vehicle access. Congestion at the gate had to be prevented; the product had to be convenient for drivers. Besides the residents and contracting workers, access for visitors and other non-residents is managed by a staffed guardhouse.

Bobby J Smith, Director of Security for Highland Springs, worked with access control product company Nedap’s partner Federal Protection in Springfield, to find a solution. “Federal Protection came to us with this very strong Nedap technology and demonstrated its capabilities. Once we reviewed its accuracy and consistency, it was a very easy choice for our residents. Since we installed the system we have been very pleased with its performance,” Smith said.

The residential community has three separate entrances with gated ingress and egress points. Considering the needed read distances, Nedap’s TRANSIT was chosen. Nedap’s TRANSIT was fitted by Federal Protection, a local installer. The reader identifies vehicles up to 10 metres (33 ft). The vehicles of all residents and contracting workers are equipped with the Window Button. This vehicle identification tag is identified as soon as it enters the reading zone of the TRANSIT reader. It allows authorised vehicles to enter, without the need to stop at the gate. To make things stronger for Federal Protection, they had the Window Buttons customized with a laser engraved Federal Protection logo.

Matt Harrison, Director of Operation at Federal Protection, oversaw the project. As a Nedap certified partner for long-range identification he’s worked with Nedap’s readers. He says: “We knew we needed a reliable, robust technology that was not only secure but very easy for the residents to use. Ideally, we needed something that once installed, they would never have to think about again. With the Nedap solution we found just that.”


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