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Access Control

AEOS has CPNI certification

AEOS, the physical access control system developed by the Dutch manufacturer Nedap, now has CPNI certification.

CPNI is the UK Government’s national technical authority for physical and personnel protective security. To gain approval, systems must go through detailed CPNI testing to ensure they meet the required test standards. And provide the intrinsic level of protection needed for the UK’s critical national infrastructure. AEOS software, door controllers and card readers have all met these standards successfully.

The CPNI aims to reduce the vulnerability of the UK’s essential services to threats such as terrorism, espionage and sabotage. These essential services include those in the emergency, healthcare, communications, energy, finance, food, government, transport and water sectors.

Any threat to these services could have serious implications, including severe economic damage, social disruption or even loss of life. Which is why CPNI ensures the systems protecting them are up to the job. Any UK sites classified as critical infrastructure, should use a tested and approved physical security system.

Where to find the tested and approved systems?

AEOS is now included in the CPNI’s Catalogue of Security Equipment (CSE), which is available to help security practitioners identify appropriate physical security equipment. The CSE provides a range of products that have been evaluated against specific CPNI security standards and the performance rating achieved.

Why choose AEOS when selecting a CPNI-approved access control system? The AEOS access control system offers:

End-to-end secure for optimal cybersecurity – from the card reader to the server.
Always up to date – AEOS software updates ensure support for the latest technologies, features and security.
GOVPASS certified.
Highly scalable and based on open standards, allowing you to expand gradually and add many integrations.
Supported by an extensive network of certified partners for implementation and maintenance.

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